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RedCoach is a luxury bus service that offers a unique travel experience in the United States. The company is based in Orlando, Florida and is known for its exclusive amenities and safety measures. They operate bus services primarily in Florida and Texas, some of the main routes and locations served include: Orlando to Miami, Tampa to Miami and Miami to Gainesville.

what is like to travel with redcoach

If you are traveling with this company, on this guide you will find an overview, including its booking process, services, onboard experience, customer support, and reviews.

RedCoach Schedules and Ticket Prices

Miami, FLOrlando, FL$‍43.997:15, 10:15, 13:15, 16:30, 19:00, 23:59
Miami, FLFort Lauderdale Airport$‍40.997:15, 9:00, 10:15, 13:45,16:00, 16:30, 19:00, 23:59
Miami, FLTallahassee, FL$‍109.997:15, 9:00, 16:30, 19:00, 23:59
Austin, TXDallas, TX$‍44.9903:05, 07:25, 14:30, 20:45
Houston, TXSan Antonio, TX$‍34.992:00, 8:30, 11:30, 13:55, 14:10, 14:30, 17:45Schedule Inquiry
Schedule Inquiry

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information, like the whole schedule, direct routes information, and bus stops locator can be found on their website or through their app.

Purchase RedCoach Tickets

The tickets can be easily booked online through their website and the mobile app, you will only need:

  1. Select the origin.
  2. Destination.
  3. Date and time.
  4. Number of passengers.

how to buy ticket redcoach bus

Different RedCoach ticket types

This bus company offers different ticket types:

Each with its own set of amenities and seating options.

Onboard Experience

The company provides various onboard amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, charging stations, and different seating options for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

RedCoach Discounts and Promotions

Here are some of the available deals and discounts for travelers in the U.S:

These discounts make RedCoach an attractive option for various travelers, including students, seniors, and groups, providing an opportunity to save on their bus travel.

Cancellation and Ticket Change Policies

You can change or cancel your ticket up to 3 hours before the bus departure at no cost. Whether online or by phone, you don’t need an account on the website. You can do it from the RedCoach booking page following these steps:

RedCoach phone number

There are several options to contact RedCoach customer service:

Customers can contact RedCoach customer service for any inquiries or assistance regarding their travel experience, booking, or other related concerns.

RedCoach Station Near You


BusRedCoach provides an exclusive and comfortable bus travel experience, offering amenities and various seating options. The company emphasizes safety, productivity, and luxury, with a commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable travel experience.

Reputation and Safety

RedCoach is known for its safety measures, including employing skilled drivers and maintaining vigilant surveillance. The company has a reputation for offering a luxurious and comfortable travel experience, with a focus on safety and productivity.

RedCoach Bus Services

RedCoach offers a variety of bus services, including:

The company also provides deals and discounts for its customers, including student discounts and special offers for purchasing multiple tickets.

RedCoach Reviews

The customer reviews for RedCoach are mixed across different platforms. Here’s an overview:

Overall, the reviews highlight concerns about customer service and the overall travel experience. It’s important to consider these reviews along with other factors when making a decision about using RedCoach’s services.

This bus company offers a unique and luxurious bus travel experience with a strong emphasis on safety, comfort, and productivity. By providing various services, onboard amenities, and customer support, RedCoach aims to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable journey for its passengers.

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