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Boston South Station

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700 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110

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Telephone for information:
+1 (617) 523 1300

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Monday to Sunday 5:00 - 00:00

Boston South Station bus terminal shares a building with its namesake train station, which is managed by the railway company Amtrak. It stands as one of the most significant bus stations in the United States, often serving as a recurring location for movie and TV show filming.

Within the station, alongside trains and buses, you’ll find some conveniences like free WiFi, parking facilities, and even fast-food establishments and cafes such as McDonald’s, Au Bon Pain, and Starbucks.

Upon exiting the station, you can avail yourself of taxi services or hop on public transportation lines at a lower cost.

Departure Schedule from Boston South Station

Boston Bus Station is open Monday through Sunday from 5:00 AM until midnight. However, not all bus operators adhere to the same schedule; for instance, Boston Express opens its doors from 7:30 to 22:15 .

The South Station serves as Boston’s connection to numerous cities across the country and internationally. Below, you can find a table featuring the main cities you can travel to from Boston and the departure times from the earliest to the latest.

DestinationFirst Departure TimeLast Departure TimeDepartures per Day
New York00:5523:3540 buses per day
Los Angeles02:0019:1524 buses per day
Atlanta00:5523:3510 buses per day
Boston00:5523:3511 buses per day
Dallas02:1019:158 buses per day
Washington00:5523:357 buses per day

Companies Selling Tickets at Boston South Station

Boston South Station bus terminal boasts 26 bus platforms. Here you can find the main bus operators in the country such as Greyhound, Peter Pan, and Megabus, among others. We recommend checking the schedules, destinations, and ticket prices before your trip with the phone numbers or directly on the website of each operator that we will mention in the following table.

Boston Express(800) 639 8080 | bostonexpressbus.com
C&J Bus Lines(603) 430 1100| ridecj.com
Concord Coach Lines(800) 639 3317 | concordcoachlines.com
DATTCO(617) 737 1824 | dattco.com
Dartmouth Coach(800) 637 0123 | dartmouthcoach.com
Lucky Star(888) 881 0887 | luckystarbus.com
FlixBus(855) 626 8585 | flixbus.com
Greyhound(800) 231 2222 | greyhound.com
Megabus(877) 462 6342 | us.megabus.com
Peter Pan Bus(800) 343 9999 | peterpanbus.com
Plymouth & Brockton(508) 746 0378 | p-b.com

Terminal map

Boston South Station is divided into two parts, a space designated for Train departures and the other half is the Bus station. As we mentioned before, you have restaurants, cafes, free WiFI, parking and a taxi station. On this map you can better locate some of these locations.

Boston Bus Station Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular destination from Boston South Station?

The most popular destination with the most daily departures from Boston South Station is New York

Can I travel with service animals or pets?

The Boston bus station allows service animals access at all times, emphasizing the importance of handlers being responsible and keeping them under control on a leash or carrier. Also, we recommend that you check with the bus operator the company’s policies on pets and service animals, since some do not allow traveling with pets or may reserve the right to deny them passage.

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