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El Paso Bus Station

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200 W San Antonio St El Paso, TX 79901

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Telephone for information:
(800) 231-2222

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Monday to Sunday, 1:00 - 20:00

El Paso Bus Station stands beside the Abraham Chávez Theater. Making it a preferred hub for traveling to various cities in the United States and Mexico. Its proximity to the neighboring country, extensive facilities, and affordable prices contribute to its popularity. The station features parking, a waiting area, restrooms, WiFi, and a small fast-food restaurant, ensuring comfort even before boarding.

Departure Schedule from El Paso Bus Station

The El Paso Bus Station operates from 1:00 to 20:00 hours. Serving as the connection between El Paso and cities in the United States and Mexico. It’s just an hour and a half from Ciudad Juárez, offering details on cities reachable from El Paso Bus Station. The schedule includes the first and last departure times, along with the number of daily departures, facilitating your planned journey.

DestinationFirst Departure TimeLast Departure TimeDepartures per Day
Tucson, AZ02:3516:557 buses per day
Las Vegas, NV02:3516:558 buses per day
Dallas, TX04:1017:456 buses per day
Atlanta, GA03:2517:459 buses per day
San Diego, CA02:3516:5511 buses per day
Ciudad Juárez, MX07:3016:458 buses per day

Companies Selling Tickets at El Paso Bus Station

El Paso Bus Station is managed by Greyhound and FlixBus. You will primarily find routes covered by the Greyhound network, spanning the United States, Mexico, and Canada. For detailed information on prices, a complete list of available destinations, schedules, and ticket purchases, contact the provided phone numbers and visit the operator’s website of your choice.

CompanyBuy Tickets
FlixBus+1-888-3783-823 | flixbus.com
Greyhound+1-800-231-2222 | greyhound.com
Valley Transit+1-920-832-5800 | myvalleytransit.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to travel between the United States and Mexico by bus?

If you’re taking a bus from the United States to Mexico, and you’re a Mexican resident, all you need is a valid passport. However, if you’re not a Mexican resident, you’ll need identification like a passport, enhanced driver’s license, or an indigenous status certificate (INAC). Additionally, you’ll have to show your return ticket to the United States or another destination and provide the address where you’ll be staying. Immigration might ask about your trip’s purpose and could check your luggage. Keep in mind, boarding won’t be allowed without the necessary documents.

For those traveling from Mexico to the United States, U.S. citizens should have a valid passport, enhanced driver’s license, or another WHTI-compatible ID.

Mexican citizens and foreigners will need a valid passport and a visa (requirements depend on the country of citizenship), round-trip tickets, the address of your accommodation, and completion of the I94 form. When crossing the border, you’ll be questioned about your trip’s purpose, and there might be a luggage inspection.

For more information, you can review Greyhound’s section on Traveling Between the United States and Mexico.

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