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Milwaukee Bus Station

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433 W St Paul Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203

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Telephone for information:

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Monday to Sunday 5:30 - 21:00

The Milwaukee Bus Station is situated inside the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, serving as the departure point for trains and buses in Milwaukee. In this terminal, you’ll find various bus operators ready to take you to your destination safely, affordably, and comfortably.

The station is located on W St. Paul Avenue, just steps away from the Interstate Parking lot, which offers daily passes. You’ll also be close to USBank ATMs next to the station. Inside, the station features a waiting area, free WiFi, and a fast-food establishment with vending machines.

DestinationFirst Departure TimeLast Departure TimeDepartures per Day
Chicago, IL03:4519:307 buses per day
Minneapolis, MN00:0512:556 buses per day
Atlanta, GA03:4519:304 buses per day
Houston, TX06:4019:306 buses per day
Detroit, MI03:4519:358 buses per day
Miami, FL03:4519:3010 buses per day

Departure Schedules from Milwaukee Bus Station

The operating hours will vary depending on your chosen bus company. However, the most popular and extensive network of routes is provided by Greyhound. In this case, you can see the most popular destinations serviced by this company to get an idea. Still, we recommend checking and comparing the different options that reach your destination.

FlixBus+1 888-3783-823 | flixbus.com
Greyhound+1 800-231-2222 | greyhound.com
Badger Bus+1 414-266-4409 | badgerbus.com
Indian Trails+1 800-292-3831 | indiantrails.com
Jefferson Lines+1 858-800-8898 | jeffersonlines.com
MegaBus+1 877-462-6342 | esus.megabus.com
Coach USA+1 800-874-3377 | coachusa.com

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