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Minneapolis Bus Station

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516 2nd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Telephone for information:

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Monday to Sunday 4:30 am - 1:30 am (Next day)

Minneapolis boasts a central bus terminal located at 516 2nd Ave North, just outside Target Field Baseball Stadium. This station is the perfect departure point for exploring Minneapolis and other destinations across the country. Nearby, you’ll find key landmarks like the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the University of Minnesota’s Botanical Garden, the Guthrie Theater, and the historic Mill District.

Since its original opening in 1991 and relocation in 2023, this bus terminal has remained one of the busiest in the region, playing a crucial role in Minneapolis’s ground transportation network.

Departure Schedules from the Minneapolis Bus Station

The Minneapolis Bus Station opens its ticket counters from 4:30 AM until 1:30 AM the following day. With departures at all hours, it services several popular destinations like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis, which have up to 10 daily departures starting early in the morning.

DestinationFirst Departure Time Last Departure Time Departures per Day
Chicago00:4520:5014 buses per day
Milwaukee00:4520:5012 buses per day
Kansas City12:1518:053 buses per day
Omaha12:1518:053 buses per day
Denver12:1518:053 buses per day
Indianapolis00:4520:5010 buses per day

Companies Selling Tickets at the Minneapolis Bus Station

The station primarily hosts buses from Greyhound and Flixbus, as these companies manage the terminal. However, you can also find other operators like Jefferson Lines and Trailways, providing additional routes and destinations for passengers. Below are contact details for these companies, allowing you to address inquiries, check schedules, and purchase tickets from home.

FlixBus+1-888-3783-823 | flixbus.com
Greyhound+1-800-231-2222 | greyhound.com
Jefferson Lines+1-858-800-8898 | jeffersonlines.com
Trailways1-800-858-8555 | trailways.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parking available at the Minneapolis Bus Station?

While the Minneapolis station doesn’t have its own parking, it shares space with the Hawthorne Municipal Parking Ramp B, which offers short- and long-term parking rates. This makes it a great option if you’re planning a multi-day trip.

Are food and drink services available at the terminal?

Yes, the station has vending machines with snacks and beverages to enjoy while you wait for your bus. If you’re looking for more variety, there are several fast food options, cafes, and popular restaurants nearby.

Can I buy tickets at the Minneapolis Bus Station?

Absolutely, you can purchase tickets at the staffed ticket counters or use the ticket vending machines. Both options allow you to check available schedules and buy tickets for your trip directly from the station.

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