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Atlanta to Nueva York bus

Traveling by​ bus ⁤ from Atlanta to New ⁣York costs⁤ between $73.32 and $120, making this option an attractive alternative to other ‌modes of transportation. ⁤The journey ⁣of approximately 1,404 kilometers can take between 16 and 17 ‌hours, depending on the itinerary and intermediate stops.

In Atlanta, buses usually depart from ‍the ​Greyhound station. As for New York, ⁤the main arrival⁣ terminal is the Port Authority Bus Terminal, located right in ‍Times Square. Among‌ the main companies offering this ‍service ⁣are Greyhound, FlixBus, and Megabus, known for their⁣ reliability and comfort.

Throughout this ‍article, we⁣ will⁢ explore‍ in more detail the schedules, detailed prices, and the best ways to purchase tickets for this route, ensuring that you have all the necessary information ⁣to plan your trip in the best possible way.

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How many hours is it?:
16 - 17 hours

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How much does a ticket cost?:
73.32 - 120 USD

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1404 Km

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First departure:

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Last departure:

Atlanta to New York: Schedules and Ticket Prices

Buses usually depart in a time range from ‍7 a.m. to⁢ 9 ‌p.m. It‍ is advisable to avoid peak hours to prevent possible delays and arrive quickly at your destination. ⁢As for ticket prices, ⁣they generally range between $73.32 and $120, making them quite affordable compared to⁢ other transportation methods.

The main companies connecting ‌this ‍route offer comfort and reliability in their ⁢services. Additionally, you can find possible ‌discounts ​and special offers if you book ⁣in advance. We invite you to review the following table with all the information you need to plan your trip in the best way ​possible.

CompanyDeparture SchedulesArrival Schedules


Ticket price: 75 USD


Atlanta (Downtown)

00:20, 09:30, 14:30, 21:45

New York (Port Authority)

17:25, 04:35, 10:35, 18:50


Ticket price: 120 USD


Atlanta (Bus Station)

00:20, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00

New York (Port Authority)

18:25, 02:05, 08:05, 14:05

Wanda Coach

Ticket price: 110 USD


Atlanta (Doraville MARTA)

05:00, 11:00, 17:00, 23:00

New York (Chinatown)

22:05, 06:05, 12:05, 18:05

* The cost of tickets may vary depending on the season.

The information is subject to change without prior notice.

Where to ⁣Buy ​Tickets

If you⁢ are planning a bus trip ⁣from⁤ Atlanta to New York, there are several options⁢ for ⁣purchasing your ticket. Here‌ are some of the most common⁢ ways to buy your ticket.

  1. Bus company websites: Tickets can be ‌purchased online directly on the companies’ websites. You just⁢ need ​to select your travel dates and the number of passengers, and you can⁤ buy your ticket in a matter of minutes.
  2. Sales phones: ⁤If you prefer a more⁢ personalized purchase, you can call the companies directly.
  3. Bus terminals: Check your nearest​ station ⁤and buy your ticket directly at the ‍counter. In Atlanta, you can go to the Greyhound‌ Bus Station or to the Megabus Terminal ‌at MARTA‍ Civic⁤ Center. Upon arriving in⁤ New⁢ York, the⁣ most ⁢used⁢ terminals ‍are the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the Penn Station Bus​ Terminal.
  4. Travel​ agencies: ⁤Local travel agencies ⁤often have access to a wide range‍ of bus options and can help you find the best option according to your needs.
  5. Mobile apps: Many of the​ companies operating these routes have mobile apps, where⁣ you can purchase⁢ and manage your bus tickets.

Each option has its‌ own advantages, whether it’s convenience, personalized assistance, or the ability to​ ask questions and exchange information directly with someone.

Bus terminals from Atlanta, GA to New York, NY