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Dallas to Oklahoma City bus

Traveling a​ distance of approximately 306 kilometers, ​the ⁢ journey ‍from Dallas to the vibrant Oklahoma ⁤City takes an⁤ average of 4 to‌ 6 hours, depending on the bus service you choose.

The ​price range for tickets varies between 22 and 65 USD, making this mode of transportation an ⁤accessible option​ for‍ all budgets.

Buses usually‌ depart from the Dallas Bus Station, located near public transportation options such as ‍DART (Dallas Area Rapid ‍Transit). In Oklahoma City, they arrive at the Oklahoma City Bus​ Station, situated‌ close ‍to major landmarks like the Murrah Federal Building Memorial.

Greyhound and Jefferson Lines are the main companies ‌offering this ⁢route, promising ⁢a comfortable and direct journey between these ⁢two metropolises.

Next,⁤ we will explore in ‍depth schedules, updated prices, and tell you where you can easily buy your⁣ tickets for this popular route.

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How many hours is it?:
4 - 6 hours

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How much does a ticket cost?:
22 - 65 USD

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306 Km

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First departure:

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Last departure:

Dallas to Oklahoma City:‌ Schedules and Ticket Prices

Buses⁣ usually depart throughout the day, with schedules ranging from morning to evening. The ⁣first ⁤departure is at 03:30 while the last one is at 22:00.

As ⁤for the tickets, prices vary⁤ between 22 and 65 USD, which places them in an accessible range for everyone.

Do you want to see detailed information about ⁤schedules and fares? Check the⁢ following table to know the departure and arrival times of buses from ⁢Dallas to Oklahoma City.

CompanyDeparture SchedulesArrival Schedules


Ticket price: 65 USD


Dallas Bus Station

03:30, 07:00, 19:50

Oklahoma City Greyhound Bus Station

10:30, 11:25, 00:35


Ticket price: 34 USD


Holiday Inn Dallas Market Center


Oklahoma City FlixBus Stop


* The cost of tickets may vary depending on the season.

The information is subject to change without prior notice.

Where to Buy Tickets

  1. Online purchase: ‌Most bus companies have enabled online platforms to acquire tickets.
  2. Call center:​ For those who‌ prefer more ‍personalized attention, you can ⁣book your tickets via telephone. Normally, you will find the phone numbers of these companies ⁣on their websites.
  3. Bus terminals: In Dallas, there are several major terminals such as the ⁣Greyhound Terminal, located in the city center,‍ and the ‌ Megabus Terminal located at 330 North ‌Olive Street. On the ​other hand, ⁤in Oklahoma City, the Greyhound‌ Terminal is the main terminal for departures and arrivals for‍ buses on​ this route.
  4. Travel agencies: Don’t forget that you can ⁣also purchase your bus tickets ⁢at local travel agencies.
  5. Mobile⁤ apps: Many bus companies have made mobile apps available to users to facilitate the purchase ⁤of tickets.

Consider⁤ all these options to ​buy your bus ticket from Dallas to Oklahoma City. Prices may ‍vary depending on‌ the purchase method you choose, so it ⁤is advisable to make a comparison before making⁣ a decision.

Bus terminals from Dallas, TX to Oklahoma City, OK