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Denver to Colorado Springs bus

Planning a trip between Denver‍ and ​Colorado Springs? Traveling ⁢by bus can‌ be a comfortable and economical option. The 113-kilometer route ‍that connects both cities can⁤ be covered ⁣in approximately 1 hour and 30 ​minutes, depending on traffic ⁣and‌ road conditions.​ Tickets for this journey usually vary between $10 and $50 USD, making this ‌an⁣ accessible alternative for many travelers.

From⁣ Denver, most buses depart from Union Station. In Colorado‌ Springs, buses typically ⁤arrive at the‍ Tejon Park n’ Ride terminal, ⁣close to several local tourist attractions and with good connection options to other destinations‍ within ⁤the ⁣city.

Among the main operators offering this service are Greyhound and Bustang, both⁤ known ⁤for their reliability and ​comfort.

In this‌ article, we will delve into the departure​ schedules, explore more about the fares, and detail how and where to purchase ⁤your tickets for this route, ensuring that your trip ⁤is as enjoyable as it is​ efficient.

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How many hours is it?:
1 - 2 hours

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How much does a ticket cost?:
10 - 50 USD

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113 Km

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First departure:

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Last departure:

Denver to Colorado Springs: Schedules and Ticket Prices

If you are wondering about the bus departure times from Denver to Colorado Springs, I can tell‌ you that buses usually depart between 7:00 AM ‌and 8:00⁤ PM, with regular intervals throughout the day. If you want to avoid peak hours‍ and arrive faster, I would recommend avoiding departures around 5:00 PM, as they tend to be quite crowded.

As for the tickets, the prices vary between $10 and $50 USD, depending on the company and the type of service. Although prices may fluctuate, they are‍ generally considered accessible for most travelers. On the other hand, if‍ you want to save some money, we suggest being on the lookout for special offers and discounts that some companies often ‍provide, especially if you book in advance.

For detailed information about departure times and specific prices, we invite you to check the⁣ following table with a ​selection of bus ticket options from Denver ‍to ‌Colorado Springs! This way,⁣ you can plan your trip efficiently and without complications!

CompanyDeparture SchedulesArrival Schedules


Ticket price: 17.40 USD


Denver Union Station

07:45, 12:25, 16:35

Colorado Springs Tejon Park-N-Ride

09:20, 14:00, 18:10


Ticket price: 20.99 USD


Denver Bus Station

07:25, 12:00, 15:30, 20:20

Colorado Springs Bus Station

09:00, 13:45, 17:15, 22:00

* The cost of tickets may vary depending on the season.

The information is subject to change without prior notice.

Where to Buy Tickets

Remember, each of these options has its own advantages, for‌ example, online or phone purchases allow you to avoid lines, while buying at the bus‌ terminal can be convenient if you⁤ are close to one. Weigh your options and choose the one that best fits your‍ needs!