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San Antonio to Houston Bus

Traveling by Bus ‍from San Antonio to Houston is a convenient ‌and economical option for covering the ⁣approximately 318 kilometers that‍ separate these two ⁣Texan cities. The duration of the bus journey can vary between 3 and‍ 4 hours, ⁣depending on traffic and the specific route the bus takes. As for prices, the ‍ tickets generally range from $23 to $50 USD, offering travelers various options depending on the desired amenities and how far in⁤ advance the purchase is made.

Buses ⁣usually depart from the Greyhound Terminal ‌ or the VIA⁣ station in San Antonio, both easily accessible by car or public transport. They arrive at the Greyhound Terminal in Houston, located near downtown, providing⁣ easy access to other parts of the ‌city. Companies like Greyhound and FlixBus dominate the ‌route, each offering different levels of comfort and ⁢service.

This article will delve into⁢ specific schedules, ​detailed price comparisons, and tips on where and how to ‍buy tickets, ensuring⁣ that ⁤travelers⁢ can make ‌the best choice according to their needs.

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How many hours is it?:
3 - 4 hours

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How much does a ticket cost?:
23 - 50 USD

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318 Km

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First departure:

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Last departure:

San Antonio⁤ to Houston: Schedules and Ticket Prices

The ‌ departure times of ‍buses from San Antonio ​to Houston ⁤ vary, ⁤with frequent departures from ‌morning to evening.⁢ There are peak ‍times ⁢in mid-morning and mid-afternoon that⁢ tend to be busier, so it is advisable ​to avoid ⁢these times if you need to reach your destination quickly.

As for ticket prices,⁤ they generally ⁣range ​from $23 to $50 USD,​ depending on⁢ the company and the level of comfort you desire. The prices can be considered moderate compared to other transportation options, offering a convenient⁢ and ‍economical alternative for crossing the 318 kilometers⁤ that separate the ⁢two Texan cities.

Bus⁢ companies ‍regularly offer discounts and​ special deals to their customers. Discount options may include reduced fares for students, veterans,‍ or early bookings, giving travelers the opportunity to save on their ⁣bus tickets.

For more information on specific schedules ‌and detailed ticket rates for ⁢the ‍ bus from San Antonio to Houston, we invite‍ you to ⁢consult⁣ the‌ following table with updated information. Plan your trip and enjoy the convenience⁣ and economy offered by these transportation services!

CompanyDeparture SchedulesArrival Schedules


Ticket price: 23 USD


San Antonio Bus Station

01:15, 03:45, 09:00, 10:20, 12:30, 14:30, 19:00

Downtown Houston Bus Station

05:15, 07:45, 13:00, 14:20, 16:30, 18:30, 23:00


Ticket price: 26.49 USD


San Antonio Bus Station


Downtown Houston Bus Station


* The cost of tickets may vary depending on the season.

The information is subject to change without prior notice.

Where to Buy Tickets

Whichever method you choose, always make sure to‍ confirm the details of your trip, such as the date, time, and place of ⁢departure. This will help you avoid ⁢any last-minute inconveniences. Have a great trip!

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