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San Francisco to Los Angeles Bus

Traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles by bus proves to be an economical and practical option for those looking to explore the California West Coast. The journey takes approximately 7 hours to cover the 385 miles between these two cities.

San Francisco boasts the Transbay Terminal Bus Station for intercity travel. Within this large terminal located on Missions St., you’ll find many well-known bus companies offering routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles by bus, such as AC Transit and Greyhound. Near the station, you’ll find iconic landmarks like the Ferry Building Marketplace and the Moscone Center. The station has a BART metro stop and offers amenities such as a cafe, ticket counters, waiting area, and WiFi connection.

In Los Angeles, the main bus terminal is the Union Station Bus Station located at 800 N. Alameda St., also in the downtown area. Within walking distance of the terminal are Pershing Square and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The station also has a nearby metro stop and amenities such as waiting rooms, ticket counters, and WiFi connection.

San Francisco to Los Angeles: Schedules and Ticket Prices

The price of a bus ticket from San Francisco to Los Angeles varies depending on the company, schedule, and travel date. Generally, prices range between $50 and $72 USD per person. Depending on whether the route is direct or includes stops, the journey can take between 7 to 9 hours on average.

Where to Buy Tickets

You can purchase tickets to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles by bus through the following options:

CompanyDeparture SchedulesArrival Schedules


Ticket price: 50 USD


San Francisco Bus Station (Transbay Terminal)

6:15, 6:30, 11:00, 22:40

Los Angeles Union Station

15:20, 16:40, 21:45, 7:55


Ticket price: 50 USD


San Francisco (5th/Townsend)

11:40, 23:05, 23:05

Los Angeles Union Station

20:35, 7:40, 7:55

* The cost of tickets may vary depending on the season.

The information is subject to change without prior notice.

Bus terminals from San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles, CA