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Los Angeles Bus Station

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811 N Vignes St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Estados Unidos

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Telephone for information:

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Monday to Sunday, 4am - 1am (Next day)

The Greyhound Station at Los Angeles Union Station is located in the heart of downtown, at 801 N Vignes St, nestled in the eastern part of the iconic train and ground transportation hub. This historic terminal, inaugurated in 1939, serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the vibrant city of Los Angeles and its surroundings. Within walking distance of the station are some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including Dodger Stadium, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Chinatown.

If you’re in Los Angeles and looking to explore popular destinations and schedules from this station, along with contacts to purchase your tickets, you’ll find all that information by reading further.

Departure Schedules from Los Angeles Bus Station

Ticket sales at this station start from 4:00 AM until 1:00 AM the next day, with the ticket booth closed for only a 3-hour period overnight, ensuring service most of the day from Monday to Sunday without fail.

In the table below, you’ll see the most popular destinations departing from the Greyhound Station at Union Station, the range of hours for bus departures, and how many trips on this route you can expect per day. As you’ll notice, routes from Los Angeles to Phoenix and Oakland are among the most popular, with 27 trips per day.

DestinationFirst Departure TimeLast Departure TimeDepartures per Day
Phoenix00:3023:2027 buses per day
San José05:0023:5515 buses per day
Sacramento07:3023:5515 buses per day
Fresno05:3023:108 buses per day
Oakland05:3023:5527 buses per day
El Paso08:3523:2011 buses per day

Ticket Selling Companies at Los Angeles Union Station

At Union Station, you’ll find major bus operators like Greyhound, Flixbus, and Trailways, along with other local operators. In the table below, you can get contact numbers and websites to purchase tickets from the comfort of your home.

FlixBus+1-888-3783-823 | flixbus.com
Greyhound+1-800-231-2222 | greyhound.com
American Star Tours+1 805-303-8453 | americanstartours.com
Trailways+1-800-858-8555 | trailways.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Greyhound Station at Los Angeles Union Station from the airport?

To travel from Los Angeles International Airport to Union Station, you can use the FlyAway Bus service. This service connects the airport with Union Station at an affordable price. The journey takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Alternatively, if you want to get there faster, you can take a taxi or use Uber/Lyft, which will get you to your destination in approximately 30 minutes at a higher cost.

Is parking available at the Greyhound Station at Los Angeles Union Station?

Yes, the terminal has a parking area for private vehicles. There are short-term and long-term parking options available for passengers’ convenience.

Can I buy tickets at the Los Angeles Bus Station?

Yes, if you prefer, you can visit the various ticket counters of different bus operators where you can buy tickets in person, check schedules, and receive personalized assistance if needed. There are also ticket vending machines and self-service kiosks for added convenience.

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